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You probably have a garage or a shed that is full of random things you will never use. There is nothing strange in that, we all have a room that is turned into storage of sorts. The best way to get rid of that “junk” is to sell it.

sell-old-stuff-onlineGarage sale might not be your thing and if you don’t want to organize it then don’t just sell your stuff online. You won’t believe what kind of things people want to buy. You can sell some of your stuff and then invest that money in binary options and try to earn more – try out for free at Top 10 Binary Demo. Or you can read through this article and find out how to continue selling even when you sell everything you have.

Setting up the Business

You don’t want to sell several things and get out of this business. The point is to create a business that will bring you cash regularly. But before you start doing that you will have to get some things ready.

290First of all, you should create a PayPal account. Everyone trades over it, and you can’t enter the online business without dealing with PayPal. Be sure to connect that account with a master card. The fees for money transfer are acceptable, and you will have the money ready as soon as the customer sends it.

Having a website of your own is optional because you will make deals through other retailers. But it might be good to have an account of your own and advertise it whenever you can. This will help you to move from being just another seller on a site to being someone who has their site.

Once you sell everything you had, you will get some good reputation. It would be a shame to stop selling at that moment as you will lose customers that are waiting for new deals from you. The solution for this problem is garage sales. Go around your neighborhood and check whether there are any garage sales. You can go even further away from your home if you have a truck or a car with a trailer. Buy stuff on those sales and resell it on one of the retail sites or through your website.

Retail sites through which you can sell your stuff

Amazon is one of the best sites that allow you to sell your stuff. FBA aka fulfilled by Amazon is a new thing which allows you to buy products in bulk and let the Amazon store it. Once you sell something, they will ship it and take a fee for that.


We can’t talk about selling stuff online without mentioning eBay. This is a website where you can sell anything from a toothpick to a classic car. If you never bought anything from this site, then you don’t know where and how to get the best prices.

Craigslist is another site that will help you sell and ship your stuff. Their privacy policy ensures that you can sell anything (legal) and not share your identity.

Theresa Lucas

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